Clara Infantryman

There was a moment when I saw myself as truly different from who I thought I was and who I had been. I felt like an adult. As an adult, it means feeling more committed, because I am finally concerned. Then there was deconstruction. Inevitable. It hurts, but it makes you strong. That's the deal.

We have no choice if we want to be able to believe in something. To feel different is to feel changed. Having passed a milestone. A threshold. I hope.

I have collected all of my writings. I found unfinished novels, imaginary forums and collections of poetry transmitted under the cloak. Selected bits and punchlines in bad taste, I ended up with the quotes that seemed to me the most sincere. I shuffled them before distributing them in six unequal parts. This is the project I called "Best - of". A series of six pages that would have escaped from this clandestine book.

It was following this project and thanks to the Hybrid Wave collective of which I am a member that I met Samuel Huguenin. He contacted me with his "Artist's Jewelry" project. He told me about his work, his workshop, his vision of art and his conception of craftsmanship. He already had a precise idea of ​​the collaboration he wanted to achieve with me. I sent him these pages that I had just completed. He read them. He understood me quickly and guessed the rest. It made the project strong and intimate. From my texts, he chose four passages that he transformed into jewels. Accompanied by his collaborators, they created four unique pieces. Each of them is the reflection of a project made of encounters in troubled times and of a common feeling, that of being anchored in one's time while feeling closer to the margins. A feeling that encourages this search for a different life. .


The collaboration will consist of four jewels. There will be a necklace and three bracelets. The necklace will be numbered from 1 to 3. The three bracelets will be numbered from 1 to 10.

Here are the four excerpts that will be inscribed on the different pieces.

"I have a notebook with names, addresses, codes, floor numbers, apartments or boxes to letters. I have sets of keys too, by the dozen. Double life. Triple, quadruple. Master key goes nowhere. I wanted to mark their hearts and their heads with a hot iron. Their asses too. I'm cold when I'm not playing with fire. I am behind in love, systematically in love with the previous person. »

"I'm cold when I'm not playing with fire".
"Androgynous by accident." » »
« The flower with the gun, and guns in the eyes »

Necklace size:

Weight approximately: 166 grs

Total length: 139.5 cm (55 inch)
Width around: 0.6 cm (0.24 inch)

Bracelet dimensions:

Weight approximately: 19 g

Total length: 18 cm (7.10 inch)
Width around: 0.6 cm (0.24 inch)