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Anne-Laure Sacriste

"Kamé" or the Turtle ring:

It is a landscape ring inspired by Kyotoite Zen gardens, where turtles are consecrated as archetypal figures.

It is also the turtle from the eponymous novel A Rebours by JK Huysmans where the protagonist decides out of boredom to have his living turtle adorned with precious stones which will end up killing the animal, the ultimate mannerist gesture of a dandy who refers to a certain idea morbid but also living.

It is yet another call to let ourselves be carried away by the silent forces which emanate from the turtles called in Ancient Greece, Cosmophore or the carriers of the world.

The work of Anne Laure Sacriste, strong in a double course, both graduated from the National School of Fine Arts in Paris, as well as from the School of Applied Arts Duperré (BTS Textile) is based on painting and its relation to space. Her universe revolves around the act of seeing itself. Between a symbolist and minimalist universe his research in painting is at the crossroads of several pictorial currents: far from a question of style (abstract / figurative, etc.), therefore of the representation of a sign, the question of the epiphany of painting is at the heart of his research. It is in gestures that are both cultural and intuitive that the work of Sacriste is embodied through sophisticated arrangements from which a certain Japanese aesthetic sometimes emerges.

Among his recent personal exhibitions, we can cite the Museum of Modern Art of Saint Etienne, “Reverse Island” Lorand Hegy (2011), at the Shimogamo Temple in Kyoto, during the White Nights, Isabelle Olivier (2016), “La Bataille de San Romano ”, Reiko Setsuda, Hermès à Tokyo (2017),“ Toguna ”, Jean de Loisy, Palais de Tokyo (2018),“ Orion Aveugle ”, Hamburg, Galerie Vera Munro (2019).

Anne-Laure Sacriste