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Agathe Toman


It is a jewel imagined and composed like a sculpture. Beyond the ring object, I thought of a miniature work that can be worn.
This hybrid creation materializes the development of a new axis within my visual language.

I find in this jewel the aesthetic timelessness of my "Blacks".
I thus transpose in this only miniature work, the essential purified of my work as an artist. The design of the ring borrows the geometric precision of the Bic pen lines of my drawings, the stone and its intrinsic patterns echo the abstraction and randomness of my paintings.

Schist is a stone related to fire. Magnetic, it is also known to stimulate creativity ... As for pyrite, which appears in designs on pyrite, it is a layered mineral, made of multiple layers that stack up to create a stone that is both very malleable and compact. and resistant. If the choice of this stone was initially unconscious, the poetry and the depth of its symbolism have revealed the evidence.

I chose to invest in a ring rather than any other jewel for its symbolic richness and its freedom of interpretation.
The meaning of a ring changes depending on the finger on which it is worn. Whoever wears it and looks at it therefore appropriates the work choosing its place, and thus offers it a new meaning that belongs to him.
In addition, the ring, once adopted, merges with the hand, reveals it, dresses it, completes it, and offers it a new gesture, instinctive, distracted, unconscious but which often accompanies concentration, reverie or reflection. The hand is the tool of my imagination. The ring stood out as its necessary ornament.

Poetry is also a drawing in which words listen to or look at each other as much as they read each other. On this ring, they are also available to the touch, revealing themselves under the fingers.
Choosing these engraved words means having a dialogue with the one who reads, smells and wears them, the ring becomes a collaborative work where the viewer invests my words with his own feelings and experience. Beyond the union and the commitment that the ring often symbolizes, it is an aesthetic communion that I propose. »
Agathe Toman.

Worms of poetry

_You Say

A move of the Divine
_I Find

I’ll create the Blaze
You nourished.

You wish
_You were the Wind.

Arising is a new Symphony.
_I created its notes.

_Begin the End.

Here I am.
_Our spaces unfold

Your fingerprints
_They unfold

Tracks Of God.
_You are

_Of the Divine.

Lost in the realms
_Of the unseen.

_No solace.

Agathe Toman is a multidisciplinary artist painter, designer, photographer and contemporary French, Austrian and Czech poet, born in 1989 living between Hossegor and Paris.
Following studies at the prestigious Ecole de la Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne and years spent as a stylist in couture houses and fashion brands, 4 years ago, Agathe felt the need to focus exclusively on artistic creation.
Black is the essence of his creative work. Stunningly intense pure pigment paints and acrylics, mesmerizing Bic ballpoint pen drawings are the writings she uses. An abstract language constituting his universe which today is also enriched by his poetry.
His poems, each partner of a work, are gathered in four series:
‘The Fluids’ _ The Love ’_ The Voids’ _ The Thoughts ’.

Agathe presented her first solo exhibition in Hossegor, and three years later exhibited at Art Paris Art Fait at the Grand Palais alongside LN Gallery.
Today, Agathe sells her works around the world and also works in collaboration with brands and artists such as Valley Eyewear, Marilyn Manson.

Since December 2019, Agathe has been represented by the French art gallery Anne Claire Simon who presented her solo show at the Château de Lantheuil in Normandy from September 5 to 20, 2020, in collaboration with Eugénia Durandy de Naurois-Turgot.
Today Agathe creates her first artist's jewel, the "SnowFlake" ring in collaboration with the artisan jeweler Samuel Huguenin.